Wednesday, May 28, 2008

True fitness


Wow, it has been a very long hiatus for me to write in this blog. Seems like forever. Hmm, that's what happened when you lived for two weeks without internet connection...
But now, everything went back to normal, i found myself giddy with so many things to tell in here;
HK, books, interesting lessons, my 'graduation' day for French and English Classes, and so many others.
At last, after a long debate with myself, i chose to tell one of my recent experience, a very valuable one, and of course, full of excitement too.

It all started with a phone call from my brother, Aizzuddin. He told me he just had a call from True Fitness Gym offering him a one week trial there. Since he lived afar from the gym (he, in Klang, while the gym, in Sri Hartamas), he gave the caller my name instead.
To make the long story short, i received the call 5 seconds after that, and before i hung the phone, i promised to accept the trial, starting the week after.

The day before the trial started, i got 3 calls from True Fitness, confirming my appointment with them. You can imagine, the whole thing made me nervous somehow. Lucky i invited my good friend, Din to join me. He already became a member of a gym near his house, and he was very eager to see the differences.
And a lot of differences we saw there!

Sri Hartamas branch of True Fitness probably one of the smallest from 4 branches of True
Fitness in Malaysia. But it is still very huge for me. Consist of 4 floors, it is full of modern and advance machines, together with 3 or 4 studios and halls for yoga and 'senamrobik'. It looks like, for every part of our muscles, there's a machine design specifically for it!

The first visi
t was full of explanations and promotional talks courting us to become member. But as would have been expected, the fees are so expensive, i have to decline the offer. But nevertheless, we're being provided with a trainer each to show us how to use the machines. For one hour, i tried almost every machine with great interest... and great pain...!

At the end, I survived the day not only with pain, but also with more determination to make the most of the one week free trial. Tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, i will come every day, i said to myself confidently.

And guess what? I did it! Almost. Except for one day, when the pain was so unbearable, i went to the gym everyday. Feeling better each time and feel confidence to push myself even harder each passing day.
Of course, just like everything else, we need motivation to do unusual things like this. For me, i was very fortunate when my housemate Iidil, agreed to go with me every night. Other than that, the motivation came in the form of the best nescafe latte' i've ever taste in my entire life! Call it a sin, because obviously, the calories are very high! But the free nescafe certainly captivated and fascinated my taste buds!!
Hmm, even until now, when the free trial had just finished, i still thinking of going there just to take a cup of the delicious latte' and went home! Just like that... hehe, lucky i'm still sane enough not to do such thing...

One of the most interesting things while i was there is about one Malay lady i met there. She must be a member there, and i saw her about three times that week. What makes me so interested in her is her attire for the gym. I guess she must be about 40 years old, but i have no way of knowing whether i was correct or wrong, simply because she wears purdah! Together with her loose attire and tudung labuh, she was definitely way.. way.. different from the others in the gym! And i really really admire her for that!!!
Just picture this scenery in your head. In the crowd of almost everyone is a Chinese in there (you can imagine their attire in the gym), there stood a very confident lady, dressed in what she think is right for her and proper for a Muslimah, showing the world that there's nothing wrong to work out in the gym while at the same time, menutup aurat!
Even me, with my long track-bottom, already feel like out of place from the others, imagine the strong lady! I totally salute her, and May Allah bless her...

The whole experience was very invaluable for me. Part of it, because it gave me another chance to explore things outside my 'comfort and rigid zone'. Another reason, and the obvious one, is simply the realization of the needs to take care of my body and health. Unlike the western country, where the young people started joining gym since their teenage years, we Malaysians (especially Malayyyy) have never being concerned about it. And at this point, i think better late than never, right?!

So, what are you waiting? Let's go find a gym...!

Friday, May 16, 2008

The Black 14th Mei 1948...


Today, during khutbah Jumaat i learned something new. While every school in Malaysia celebrates 'Teacher's Day' today, which is also coincides with my eldest sister's birthday (Happy Birthday Along!), i just learned, there was another celebration, evil and sad celebration, recently for another anniversary, but from the other side of the world.

2 days ago, (14 Mei) Israel celebrated her 60th anniversary of Independence from British Mandate of Palestine!!

For us Muslims, Israel is a very sensitive issue. it was a never-ending stories of war, crimes, struggles, destructions, and most importantly, religions.
As Muslims, we believe, there shouldn't be an Israel Country!

At first, The
Holy Land - including Jerusalem (Baitul Maqdis) - had been given to them.

But they insulted Allah The Almighty by saying:
"O Moses! We will never enter (The Holy Land) while they (ferocious people) are in it. So go thou (you) and thy (your) Lord and fight! We will sit here" (Al-Maidah : 24)

That, my friend, is only the beginning of a very long and dark history of Israel. After that, as Allah told them in Al-Quran, (Surah Al-Isra' : 4-7), they would enter The Holy Land twice, only to be exterminated twice by their enemies...

Our Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu 'alaihi wa sallam), have told us that the help of Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala) is at hand and that the Holy Land will be liberated,
and that Islam will re-emerge as the Ruling State in the world.

In another word, the sign of the re-emergence of Islam is so closely related by the lib
eration of Palestine and Baitul Maqdis. The struggles and sufferings of our brothers and sisters there, are not simply because they denounce and despise Israel with all their being! But also because they believe by toppling the Zionist, it will mark the new era of Islam as the Ruling Religion in this world...

Let us pray with all our heart that the jihad will continue and eventually prevail in the H
oly Land.

We always heard people said, we Malaysians are very fortunate because we live in peace and harmony where there are no wars, starvation and sufferings like our brothers and sisters in Palestine now who have to fight tooth and nails just to live and defend their honour.

But for one second, let's think. Put aside all the prosperities and happiness we have now; who are the more fortunate?
Our brothers and sisters in Palestine, at least will face Allah in the Akhirat and claimed that they fight with their life to defend Islam and the Muslims. They died because of their faith and they died while they are in Jihad, knowing that Allah the Supreme will reward them lavishly in Akhirat, the eternal world...

How about us...?! Any idea?!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Want a Sony Plasma TV 32"? Not so easy...


In this entry, i wanna share something my friend told me early in the evening today. The story was both bizarre and interesting while definitely very unique. You know sometimes, there's certain story that can make us laugh heartily, shake our head regretfully, angry and amuse, all at the same time?
This story is like that. And it happened today at his office. A man, Malay, big and burly, came to his office about noon and claimed that he was from Kastam Malaysia. For some people, kastam can be both bad and good. Bad - when they are on duty, and good, when they are off-duty. Why? Because when they're off-duty, they come out with so many confiscated/impounded stuff from unsuccessful attempt of smuggling or illegal activities.

So, this man came to my friend's office, and went straight to the big boss' office. There, he made an offer no one can refuse, with the usual punch line for every salesman, "You better hurry, today is the last day for such offer. This is one in a lifetime opportunity."

As if that wasn't enough, he then added, "There are only a few left. That's why you can't tell so many people about it."

So, now i will ask you to take your breath because these were the offer from the 'kastam' man:

  1. Sony Plasma TV 32" with Home Theathre Set = RM 1000
  2. HP Laptop with 4 in 1 Printer = RM 500
  3. Nokia N95 (the latest with 8GB storage) = RM 500

No need to say, the boss, together with one other big boss, a secretary and one other guy in the office felt so excited with the offer. Unfortunately(?) for my friend, he wasn't there at the moment to share the excitement.

The first boss paid RM2000 for all the above, and so did the secretary, while the guy in the office paid RM500 for the laptop. The other boss (bigger one, actually) paid an undisclosed amount of money to the man. If you made a lucky guess, i think, at least she must have paid that guy at least RM4000. But the better bet sure is more...
What happened next, exactly at 12.30pm, the guy with the big boss (a chinese lady) went to take all the stuff. The place? Kelana Jaya. Wait a minute. The guy is a Malay, but he didn't go to Solat Jumaat?! Huh. Shame on him. And it turned out, that wasn't the only SIN he committed.

The rest, i think you can already predict. After the big boss handed over all the cash, the man asked her to wait in the car while he went to 'negotiate' the release of all the impounded stuff and give them to her. But he never return, and after more than 4 hours of waiting, the lady boss went back to the office with the bad news.

So, my friend was very fortunate, he wasn't at the office at the time or he also would have been scammed. I don't care much about the boss. They are rich. RM2000, or RM4000, that wasn't a very big amount to them.
But the secretary and the other guy... i'm sure the bitter taste will linger for a long time after this. Their hardwork-savings vanished, and they left the day with a very definite question but with no definite answer,

"how can i believe the man in the first place?"

Let's ask ourselves. If we were there at these unfortunate peoples' place, could we smell the scam that was just in front of our nose? I think yes, BUT somehow we will tell ourselves, this is just too great opportunity to be missed. If we didn't take it, we will regret it for the rest of our lives...
So this is a lesson we can take. Just be careful... and maybe we better pay closer attention to what our instinct try to tell us next time, huh...

Day 2 (Saturday): Rooftop pool.


We started Day 2 with Subuh prayer at 5 am. (In Hong Kong, Subuh begins at about 4.30 am). i still remember vividly about that morning. The second i opened my eyes, i said to myself, my first morning in HK.

At that particular time, almost automatically i glanced outside through the window and saw the view of HK Island. Beautiful, i whispered to myself. The outline of the skyscrapers, with all the colourful lights, twinkling and dancing in the darkness of the dusk... huhu, nothing can beat that panoramic view.
We planned to start moving after Zohor (12.40pm), after jama' qasar Zohor and Asar, meaning, we have a couple of hours to kill. So we decided to go to 17th floor (we're at 14th), and go to the gym.
Just like every other hotel, Sheraton has a gym (Fitness First branch), sauna and a rooftop pool & jacuzzi (pic). The night before, we've been there (i opted to skip that part), and it was really great.

9 am, we went up and after a bit of sweating in the gym, i joined Din at the pool. See the chairs in the picture? There was where we sat until we actually fell asleep! The sun shone softly, and the wind at the rooftop caressing us mildly. Together they coerced us into a sleep... and sleep we did!
A little more than 11 am, we went back to our room, and getting ready for the most tiring day of this journey. Ngong Ping 360, Jami'a Mosque and The Peak!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Day 1 (Friday): Mong Kok - shopping heaven..


Mong Kok means 'fluorishing/busy corner'. I've heard of Mong Kok from Din since i was still undecided of going to HK. It is one of the attraction in HK especially for those who want to buy bargained goods with low prices.
In short, it's like our Petaling Street, only much bigger and with more variety.
As a district, Mong Kok, had its name in Guinness World of Record as the highest population density in the world!

To go there, we used MTR (Mass Transit Railway) or subway, which only costed us HKD 5. The place/district where we stayed is called Tsim Sha Tsui, and from there we take the subway to Mong Kok.
I should tell you a little about MTR. It is the most common public transport in HK. And very efficient. Imagine our Putra LRT (2 long carriages/unit) and plus like another 12 same carriages, you will get MTR HK. Also, just like Putra, MTR also moves mostly underground. But picture a double story railway underground in certain places, and you will get the complexity and the modernized MTR in HK.

At 6.30 pm, it was very busy as people just got back from work. We waited for our train and jostling with them to get inti the train.
About 10 minutes and 3 stations later, we emerged unscratched at Mong Kok Station and started our walk to Mong Kok Road.
To show the sheer size of Mong Kok Roads, it was divided into couple numbers of roads, mainly Ladies' Street, selling women's things, Temples' Street or commonly known as Men's Street, Flower Market, Goldfish Market and so many others. Oh, there's also a Fa Yuen Street or Sport Shoes Street, which i didn't know until later.

If any of you plan to go to Hong Kong, Mong Kok is a must-place to visit. In the short visit that evening, i got a good bargain for a Diesel bag (Din help reduced the price from HKD 160 to only HKD 100), and also some key-chains and fridge magnets. The original plan was to just take a look at Mong Kok, before coming back on the final day i'm in HK to do the shopping. But who can resist such temptations of cheap and looking great things all around you, right...?!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Book Review: The Alchemist


Today, i finished a book titled The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

First published in Brazil in 1988 by a Brazilian author, Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist is the most famous work by the prolific author. In 1993, it was published in English, and since then, has sold 65 million copies and has been translated into 55 other languages, making it one of the best selling book in history.

For so long, i've been thinking of doing book reviews for every book i've read, old and new. But, for some unknown reason, the idea never materialized as i kept postponing it... until today... after i finished reading this book.

'Follow our dreams.. make peace with our heart'

The theme of this book is exactly what i believe and try to practice in my life. As i follow the young hero of this book; a shepherd named Santiago, travel across Mediterranean from Spain to Egypt, looking for his destiny, i feel like he represents me and everyone who read this book in trying to achieve our own dreams in this life.
True, the path won't always easy. More often than not, we're forced to rethink of our dreams and end up.. abandon it. Especially, when it is well outside our comfort world. But one thing that we can learn from Santiago, is how we choose to perceive and face the challenge.

One of my favourite scene, sorry.. part, in the book is when Santiago just realized that he was being cheated by a thief he wrongfully thought wanted to help him. All the money he had, vanished in a blink of eyes, left him with nothing else except the clothes that he wore at the time.

At the time, he heard azan (i just feel it was nice to put it in here..), and when the market where he was at, started to empty of all the people who went to prayer, he did one thing he never did for a long time.

He wept! Really wept!! And after that, he fell asleep. When we woke up, he still feel miserable. And he started to think he was making a mistake by coming to Egypt (hmm, seems familiar? how could i not like this story?!)
But then, something crossed his mind. He can choose to become a victim in this foreign country, or he can choose to lighten up and do something to revive the hope of reaching his destiny. Of course he chose the latter and soon he was laughing his heart out. Why not? He can learn so many new things in Egypt. For example, Arabic...
At the moment, he kept thinking about one thing. A word from a wise-man he met before he made the journey.
"When you really want something to happen, the whole universe conspires so that your wish comes true!" This, i could say is the philosophy and the core of Coelho's writing all through The Alchemist.

One of the sweetest part is when he met his true love, Fatima, in the oasis at the middle of the desert. Oh, i love that part. Even more so when he declared to the girl, "I love you because the whole world conspired for me to come close to you..."

All in all, i strongly suggest all of you to read this book. In fact, so many well-known verses that very close to us from Al-Quran was quoted here and there in this book, make it a-feel-good-reading to everybody.
Oh, and one more thing, if in any case you can't find this book in the fiction/novel section, that's normal. Because big bookstores (MPH, Borders) put this book under self-help section...
I wonder why huh...?

Day 1 (Friday): First 'proper meal' in HK


Before i came to Hong Kong, so many of my friends suggested that i used my time there to the fullest.
Meaning, less rest and even less sleep. Use the time to explore HK, and don't ever waste it..
I can tell, that's what i was trying to do for as long as i was there...

Back to the hotel in the first day, after prayer (jama' Zohor and Asar), Din suggested to me to find something to eat. Straight away i said yes! Since 8 o'clock in the morning (when i last ate sandwich aboard the air asia), i didn't eat anything else, and it was almost 4 pm at the time. Plus the exhaustion and the stress for the day, made the need for food even stronger...

Not far from the hotel, about 4 minutes walking distance, is a restaurant owned by a Malay Singaporean. The restaurant is called Shadowman and it is also served as a cyber-cafe. We were greeted by a chinesewoman wearing tudung who seated us at a nice table in the middle of the restaurant. i remember Din told me, that was the exact table he and his wife were seated when they were in HK last year. I just nodded slowly at his comment. Clearly he missed is wife.

Shadowman offers variety of food, including Malay and Western. As the price of all the food there were about the same, i opted for western fused by eastern style. Spaghetti tandori chicken. As for the drink, i chose apple tea.

One think about the meal in HK, it was being served lavishly! Look at the picture, you will see what i mean. The plate was really large, and the spaghetti was really plenty..! I can barely walking after i finished the whole meal.

The price? HKD 50. And it really worth it...

After that, we went to Mong Kok, where i had my first chaotic shopping experience in HK!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Day 1 (Friday): In the Harbour View Room


Following my first experience riding a mercedes, through jammed and rain, Din and i arrived at Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towers about 3.20 pm. Sheraton is one of the hotels at Kowloon Peninsula, overlooking the beautiful Hong Kong Island to the south. It is located strategically at the intersection of the famous Nathan Road and Salisbury Road.
If you cross the Salisbury Road to the south, you will find SOGO, HK Museum of Art, HK Space Museum, Space Theatre and HK Cultural Centre. And then, 20 steps or more, you will find yourself at the Avenue of Stars, the place where the view of the amazing skyscrapers of HK Island is the clearest and the most beautiful.
As the hotel attendants came rushing to us and carried our luggages away, i waited at the hotel lobby for Din to check-in. Then, about 5 minutes later, we went to our room, at the 14th floor.
The minute we enter the room, i went straight to the window... and wow... the breathtaking scenery of HK Island was in front of my eyes..!
True to what Din has told me repeatedly before, the view from this room was so stunning! No wonder it is called "Harbour View Room". Although it was still foggy out there, i can still see all the places i mentioned above, and the outline of all the skyscrapers stood strongly overlooking us...
This is the only picture i have of the view from our room. Thanks to Din's camera phone. taken early in the morning of Day 2.

I don't know how long the amazement last, and only after that, did I pay attention to the room. Here i give you the glimpse of our room... (taken from the internet)

Look at the window. Believe me, it was a real deal!

The bathroom, as expected, is excellent. As you can see, there's no wall separating the room and the bathroom. Only glass. Meaning, you can also see the view outside while brushing our teeth! So, make sure you close the drape over the glass when you take a bath huh!

I wish you were there with me to see everything that i saw.

P/S. One of my good friend asked me whether i went to Disneyland HK. I said yes. Here is the picture. But, the story about it will come later, k...

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Day 1 (Friday): Being in a Mercedes for the first time...


As i recount back of what happened to me in the ferry, i can only remember feeling sick (mabuk laut) before went straight to sleep.

Exactly at 1.40 pm, i walked out of the ferry, onto HK-Macau Ferry Terminal in Sheung Wan, feeling somehow discontent and unaware that i actually just arrived in Hong Kong.
And then, the incident with the immigration happened (no need to repeat it again here), and about 2.00 pm, i was out at Shun Tak Centre, near the terminal.

I have to admit that after the incident, i felt shaky and somehow afraid of the new surrounding around me. More than once, i have to stop telling myself that the journey was a mistake, that something good will happen and I will be out of my misery. The rain and the coldness didn't help. And i stood there facing the road; alone, cold and troubled by all sorts of 'what if' questions in my head.

Occasionally, my phone rang, either for call-in, or sms. But at the time, i only waited for Din to call me. He was coming straight from HKIA, and he told me to wait at the first floor. But i didn't know where's the first floor, so i stay in my position, somehow hoping to see him with a taxi on the road in front of me.

Then about 2.50 pm, Din called. He asked me to wait in front of the starbucks in Shun Tak Mall, because he couldn't find me anywhere. I practically running to the Starbucks and as soon as i arrived, i saw Din.

He shook my hand, but it's not enough. I've been through tough time today and suddenly, he was there in front of me. i hugged him for a while and said repeatedly,
"i'm so relieved Din! So relieved..."
It was an emotional time for me, and as i followed Din to our 'taxi', i mumbled Alhamdulillah over and over again. Din, my buddy was here, and i was safe...

Then something happened, and all the 'tough time' i mentioned just now... just evaporated in the air...
I almost choked when i saw the 'taxi' that was going to take us to the hotel, was a Mercedes! A real, big, shiny one! And the driver was there, waiting to take my luggage and stuffed them into the boot of the car!

It took me a while to drink in the fact that i was in the Mercedes at the time and on my way to Sheraton Hotel! Later, i learned that my friend Din, is a privileged client of Sheraton and the Merc was something like a hotel limo served to bring the client to the hotel from the airport. Only, he chartered the limo to go a long way to Sheung Wan and fetched me there before going to the hotel. With a big... additional cost, no doubt...!

Wow... I don't know if i or anyone else can make that kind of sacrifice for a friend. But obviously Din could and i'm very lucky to have such a good friend like him. Alhamdulillah.

Oh, and should i emphasize more here, that my dream trip to HK has just begun... at that particular time?!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Day 1 (Friday): Macau

(Please click 'read more...' to read the whole story)


As i've told before, my flight took off
from LCCT exactly at 6.30 am. Except for 10 minutes of turbulence in which i clutched my seat tightly while repeatedly recited selawat and istighfar (who knows what will happen, right?), the flight went as smooth as i can ask from such a small plane like A320 that i boarded.
10.30 am: the plane landed safely in Macau.
Macau International Airport, i can say, is at best, just like LCCT. Maybe slightly bigger, but it certainly f
ar from the grandeur of our KLIA. But that couldn't stop me from smiling broadly as i descended from the plane and walk to the immigration counter.
I'm in Macau, i said to myself. The fact that i'm the
only non-chinese there didn't bother me at all, as i kept saying to myself that i was already in one foreign country for the first time, and soon will be in Hong Kong, my real destination.
i passed the immigration place without any incident, and 10 minutes later i retrieved my luggage and walked out of the airport.
Just outside the airport, i found a taxi and as the driver approached me, i started to communicate
with him.
"How much is it to go to ferry terminal?" I said.
At first i thou
ght he didn't hear me, but as i repeated the question, i realized that he didn't understand English. Lucky his friend came to us and he seemed to catch the word 'ferry terminal' that his friend totally lost before.
50 HK dollars - the driver gave me signal with his hand. Ok, i nodded. Din already gave me the cost estimations of nearly every trip i will make until i arrived safely at HK, and 50 dollars is okay for a taxi from airport to ferry terminal.
it was a 15 minutes, 80 km/h journey, and as i tried to initiate a conversation, my effort went futile because he seems to not understand a single word that i uttered.
From the taxi i can see Macau tower stand tall above the other buildings.
I also saw 'Sands', one of the best casinos in Macau from the taxi window. everything was so fascinating for me. the weather wasn't really good and it was foggy out there, but still, i tried very hard to see everything that my eyes allowed me to.
The exact fee is $47 and as soon as i said thank you to the driver, i went to find a ferry to Hong Kong. The plan is to go to Hong Kong International Airport and meet Din there. But sadly i cannot go straight to HKIA because Air Asia somehow didn't register there. (i didn't really understand, but that was as far as i was concerned)
So, i went to Sheung Wei instead, one of two HK Harbors, that located at HK Island. (where the incident with the immigration occurred, huhu!)
I bought a 12.30 pm ticket to HK so that i have about 1 hour to take a quick look around Macau and its casinos. Without a camera, i can't take any picture, but one thing for certain, Macau sure invest so much in its casinos that all of them stood proudly overlooking the sea.
Later, i got an information that Macau has 29 casinos that each one of it so grand, any one of it can easily beat Malaysia's genting highlands casino.

12 pm, as it started to drizzle, i hauled my two bags back to the ferry terminal. Oh, by the way, the ticket to HK, caused me $142, and exactly 12.30 pm, the ferry sailed away to HK, leaving behind Macau and all the grand casinos...

At the time, the only thing in my mind was, Hong Kong, here i come...!

Thursday, May 1, 2008



As i promised, i will share about my precious experiences in Hong Kong..
But before that, i will tell about couples of mishaps that befallen me before/within/after my journey.
They served me as a reminder throughout my journey, that not everything we planned will go our way. Instead we have to find the 'hikmah' behind them, while never once forget to be grateful to Allah. After all, all the mishaps were only a very small portion compared to all the gift He gave us along the way...
The mishaps:
  1. I forgot to bring a camera to Hong Kong! Oh, i could hear you sigh when you read this!! Well, it wasn't only you. i was so stunned and upset that Friday morning when i realized i left the camera at my brother's house in Klang. It was really dispirited and disheartened moment for me as it marked the beginning of my journey. And the worst part was, at the moment, it crossed my mind that maybe.. it was a signed that this journey was a mistake...!
  2. I got scolded and humiliated at the Hong Kong harbor by an immigration officer! I was just stepped upon Hong Kong Territory when that happened. i was still feel dizzy and headache from one hour journey by ferry from Macau to HK, i forgot to fill an immigration form to enter HK. That man ( i never had a chance to see his name), shouted on top of his lung to me and asked me to step aside while filling the form. All, in front of the other people! Furthermore, he also shouted at me when i asked him the name of the harbor. As if i should know everything in the first time i ever come to HK!
  3. My phone-loss. (in my previous entry)
Other than that, there were some small things like, the weather in HK, drizzled all day, foggy,very cold, caused me running nose while waiting for my friend, Din to fetch me from that harbor. In short, that first day, is really not a good day for me in this journey.

But as it turned out after that, all those mishaps soon will lead to a very unforgettable, irreplaceable memory in my life.
And here i have to thank my buddy, Din for making the trip, the best 5 days of my life...!

Now, the all mishaps been told, in the next entries, i will try to relive my experience and share it all with you..


I'm Back...!!!


Alhamdulillah, i've landed in Malaysia yesterday (Wednesday) exactly at 5.30 p.m.

My flight departed from Macau at 2.15 pm (delayed from the supposed 1.35 pm) and 3 hours and 15 minutes later landed at the LCCT. Generally, nothing bad h
appened on the way back, starting from taking a taxi from Sheraton to Kowloon Harbour, and then taking a ferry to Macau ferry deck, before taking another taxi to Macau International Airport, except for a couple of headache here and there.

But then, as i was about to board the plane, i realized my phone was lost! 5 minutes before, i was just text-messaging my sisters, telling them about my flight, and suddenly, it lost! And i have only 5 minu
tes left... (later i would feel very grateful because of the flight delay..)
Well, to tell the truth, i wasn't really worried about the phone because it was an old one and should be replaced, but i really worried about the line. What if the perso
n who took my phone made an international call? My phone bill sure explode!

As i was searching frantically for the phone, i knew there was only one thing left to do. I've lodged a report, which as usual, was no use. And i still need to block my phone line.
So, i sent an email to my brother Aizzuddin, asking him for help. Lucky Macau International Airport has free internet services. And in the final minutes before the announcement for my AK 57 Air Asia flight, i managed to do so, while praying very hard that my brother opened his email. (5 hours later, i learned that my phone line was successfully blocked, thank Bro!)

That's why some of you can't reach me now, if you try.. Sorry.
I'll tell later, after i reactivate my phone line, and get a temporary phone.

But, in case if you are wondering about HK, don't ever get me wrong. Put aside the
phone-loss, the trip to Hong Kong is very EXCELLENT, and i sure recommend you all to go there some day! 100% Sure! Really!!!

I'll tell about the other, nice and amazing stories soon...
Meanwhile, although it was sad to leave Hong Kong, it's good to be back though...!