Thursday, June 18, 2009

29052009:Friday Prayer-1245 pm!!

By Mullah

     Alhamdulillah, I could write again after a busy day today. To my dear readers, there is an     interesting story to relate and to think about for this week  

   On Friday, 29052009, I went to OGA exhibition at Kuala Lumpur Convention Center (KLCC) at Kuala Lumpur. So, after a 30 minute going around the exhibition booths inside the KLCC, I went to have lunch at KFC KLCC with my staffs. And after the brief lunch, I went to Masjid Syakirin, KLCC to perform the Friday Prayer.
  As I performed the Tahiyatul Masjid Prayer, I heard some body said 'Assalamualaykum' over the microphone. So, the jamaah answered the greetings back. Suddenly, the Arab speaker gave azan. 'Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar'...... And the jamaah got startled from their iktikaf and some jamaah got confused. But the Arab speaker just went on with the azan......
  Until, the wordings 'Hayya 'Alal Falah', the Arab speaker was stopped and one Abang comforted the Arab person from his doings. The Arab speaker speak back. 'In my country, we perform Friday Prayer at this time'. The Abang said back ' Well, that is in your country. In Malaysia, we perform the Friday Prayer when the Zuhur time comes'. So, my dear readers, who is right and who is wrong???....This interesting story could be related to what Ustaz Zaharuddin wrote in his blog at
  To make the story short, majority of ulamaks opined that the Friday Prayer should be performed after the Zuhur time comes and based on 'hadith-hadith shahih'. But, some ulamaks belief that Friday Prayer could be performed after 'matahari gelincir', also based on 'hadith-hadith shahih'. So, there is no need to debate who is right and who is wrong in this matter. Besides that, We, as Muslims, should open our minds and brains while holding Islamic principle to the core. There are many things to do in little time.... See you...........

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Just Another....

By Mullah
Last night, I went to nearby masjid to perform Isyak prayer. When I arrived inside the masjid, there was a ceramah agama, given by a local Ustaz

So, while waiting for the Isyak prayer, I listened carefully to the ceramah and the topic was about nafsu. This Ustaz, was reading the 'kitab kuning' in front of 30-40 jamaahs and as you and I know, some of the jamaah members were really 'khusyuk' until fallen asleep. I didn't knew why they were falling asleep. Was it because of the monotone of the ceramah or the ineffectiveness of the Ustaz to dakwah the jamaah or the physical limitations of the jamaah themselves?? But dear readers, this is not the main point of why I'm writing this article

The main point is when the Ustaz says from the 'kitab kuning' about the Ulamak that didn't remember names of his wife, children and his students ALL THE TIME. Why?? Good question.. The Ustaz explained that the Ulamak was so zuhud and his Heart is tied (ingat) only to ALLAH. Not like us that remembers friends' names, parets' names and so on And that triggers me to think during the ceramah.

As we all know that the ONLY person who is 'paling zuhud', 'paling beriman', 'tok guru segala tok guru', 'paling alim' among us (makhluk) and 'Kekasih ALLAH' is Nabi Muhammad SAW. And as we all read, discuss and think, Nabi Muhammad SAW remembers his wive's names (Siti Khadijah, Aisyah), his daughters' names (Fatimah) and his Companions (Abu Bakar, Umar, Ali) and as we all know that we are umat Nabi Muhammad SAW. So, I ask you, dear readers, whom to follow??? And the answer is Nabi Muhammad SAW. So, how this Ustaz can says that this Ulamak is special and his Heart is so pure that he only remembers ALLAH ALL THE TIME and did not remembers other names, while Nabi Muhammad SAW, 'Kekasih ALLAH', remembers his wives' names, his daughters' names and Companions' names???

Hhmm.... It is very hard to find a good, qualified and modernized Ustaz in Manjung, Perak. A Good Ustaz can give dakwah EFFECTIVELY, cater to YOUNG MINDS while not neglecting the VETERANS' ATTENTION. A Good Ustaz that can PROFESSIONALIZE the ULAMAKs and 'ULAMAK'size the PROFESSIONALS. Until we can produce and educate these so Good Ustaz, then there Just Another visit to Masjid........... See you...........

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Day That Federer Cried

By Mullah

Yesterday, Sunday, 07062009, the World witnessed 2 Histories in the making. One was when Federer became the 6th person to achieve Career Grand Slam at French Open 2009, after Andre Agassi did it in 1999 at the same venue; French Open 1999. Secondly, Federer tied with Pete Sampras' record of 14 Grand Slam, earlier than Pete did it and we, the supporters, think about it. But then, History is History

Yesterday was the day Federer cried after defeated Robin Soderling, a new, arising Giants-killer in Tennis World, in 3 consecutive sets: 6-1, 7-6(1) and 6-4. He landed both his knees to the clayground, the same ground that saw Federer became Runner-up from 2006-2008 and now, the same ground that saw Federer completed his quest to become 'the best tennis player in history'. Soderling said it and we, the viewers, already knew it.

Hhhmm..... so what is after French Open 2009???. My plan is to finish reading 'The Undercover Economist','The Night Train to Lisbon'n and to assist my Company to get the Integrated Management System (IMS) this year.. Hhhm.... after that.. let's see when the Wimbledon 2009 starts....