Saturday, December 27, 2008

Getting engaged!


Today, 27th December 2008 is my Engagement Day. Hmm, suddenly it sounds like 'Judgement Day!" But never mind that; yeah, i'm getting engaged today!

The story of my 'love story' - if you can call it that - is sooo ordinary... which in turn makes it kinda extraordinary.
Well, if you're arching your brows right now reading that, hehe, i'll defend myself by saying, that's not my 'saying' actually. That came from one and two of my friends!
Simply said; they told me, for a guy, who is not so 'melayu' (they said, not me!), i chose a very conservative and old-fashioned way of finding a spouse!
And you know what? i happened to agree with them. But, that's the story for another time. Because for now, i'm too edgy to tell anything in here...

Right now, i'm going to grab something to eat, and maybe later, go to gym...
Oh and one more thing, i won't even be there today. i just leave everything to my family. Ironically, i have 'kursus nikah', this afternoon, here in KL.

Hmm, kursus nikah in the midst of engagement day. Not bad huh...


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