Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Best of both worlds ( 29th December 2009 )


By AidanZ

We talk about changes all the time but very few of us are ready when it came descending upon us. The question is, how well would you embrace and adapt to the changes or you simply resisted it with all your might and power?

Still talking about the recent married life of course, I still remember how not so long ago, I, proudly and a little bit arrogantly, announced to my close friends that I won't change any of my lifestyle after i got married. I remember saying to them, I'm a city boy at heart... to the core, and nothing can change that. Nothing whatsoever!!

And I truly believe that! After all, i have no reason not to. I've spend my almost entire adult life in KL, and I can't just picture myself living in my hometown in Masjid Tanah.

But now, guess who's longing to go back and get settle there? Yeah, it's ME... the city boy at heart... to the core!!!

Funny when I think back of how nervous I was about getting married because i was scared i can't continue with my 'city thingy whatever', yet now so readily to embrace the changes which may alter the course of my life as i see it before.

Is it honeymoon effect? Or is it simply Love?
OR... maybe it is the destiny that lies waiting all this time, and just recently awaken by the sacred vows of marriage?
Hoho, whatever it is, i will keep my eyes wide open and pray to Allah for His Guidance. He knows better of what material i really made of, and will InsyaAllah, show me what's best for me and my family.

As for now, I will have to try balancing life of the two worlds.
And try to get the very best of both worlds...

P/S: Looks like i changed my mind about putting my wedding photo here huh. Hmm, talk about changes..

Monday, December 28, 2009

Me and My Wife ( 28th Dec 2008 )


It's been three weeks since my last post and three weeks also as a married man.
Do i like it? I Love It. As simple as that. No need to elaborate more.

I've been asked to put my wedding pictures here, but i found myself grimacing each time i look at them. In my mind, i said, it's not me. It was somebody else, wearing baju melayu, samping, tengkolok/songkok, while posing and smiling awkwardly, as if wishing he was somewhere else! The only time i really enjoyed posing for pictures was with my friends, and even then, i still look uncomfortable in those attire!

Hehe, my dear wife will 'tarik muka' if she read this. Sorry honey...!

So i decided to put one picture here. Not a wedding picture. But a photo of us, honeymooning at Cameron Highlands two weeks ago. I don't know about you guys but I think it's a good photo, and most important, bring a smile to my face each and every time i look at it...

One picture speaks a thousand words, and for me this is it...

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Alhamdulillah... (5th Dec 2005)


By AidanZ

After a very loooong day yesterday, Alhamdulillah... i'm finally a married man.

It was a chaotic, full of emotions... and as i said, a very loooong day.
I would never have guessed, i would feel sad, stressed, yet an hour later, excited, happy, elated, proud and so many other emotions i don't have the vocabulary to write here!

But, as people always say, All's well when End's well.

Here, i want to thank personally to my brother, Aizzuddin and his wife, Wan Zorah for being there exactly on time. As i about to enter my then wife-to-be's house, the sight of them arrived with my beloved nephew, Hasif, and little Husna, made all my nervousness gone and brought a smile back on my face.

Also to my housemates: Alias, Iidil, Pidut and Shah; who arrived during a very long 'khutbah nikah', they gave a jolt of excitement to a rather 'dull' groom, before the aqad nikah, which thank God, only took once to complete.

Not to forget, all the wish-wishers that gave me something to distract my mind off the exhaustions and all sorts of emotions all day long, yesterday.

What can i say. Indeed, it was a very exhilarating moment. The second all the witnesses around nodded their heads in unison and said "sah...!", all while the clicking sounds and flashes of camera focused on every move and facial expressions, i forgot, how nervous or how uncomfortable i was at the time, as relief started to flood inside my heart while at the exact same second, it shouted, i'm a husband now!
Hmm, as i said, exhilarating!

But, as much as i want to spend this morning writing about all the touchy-feely stuff, i still have to prepare for today's kenduri. While I always know i'm not a big-functions-or-being-the-centre-of-attention-kinda-guy, i don't know how much i hate that until yesterday - all the photographers, giggling girls, forced smile, huh, really tiring. But i guess, this is part of the deal and i just have to bear with that a little while longer.
Oh, how much i look forward to being alone... hmm.. you know, with.. hmm.. ok, i better stop now, huhu.

Your tired yet happy friend,


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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Getting more nervous! ( 1st December)


By AidanZ

3 more days to go till the wedding... and what do you do?

Some of my friends suggest to practice the aqad recitation. Don't embarrass yourself, they said.
While some... well... most of them actually, just happy to tease me about the magical ----- (you know what i mean)

One of my friend recently sat with me and tell me at length about how to treat a wife. Mostly you just have to be firm, Z, he told me. Give appreciation whenever it's due but don't ever hesitate to give reprimand, also whenever it's due.

Another of my friend tipped me to clarify things (all the do's and dont's) from the very beginning. Clarify all the expectations! Don't wait after a few months or by then it might be too late to change things back to where they were supposed to be. Excellent tip, i thought

While another advice came in the form of  'wait and see' kind of approach. Everybody's different, said my friend. Make sure first what kind approach suits best for your wife and then act upon it. You're good at reading people. Should have no problem with that!

Because i was considered a little bit late to be married, maybe i kinda 'lucky' because i have so many friends that just ready to share their marriage wisdoms with me, and i'm really thankful for that. If only it can make me less nervous...

Huuuu, the waiting... agonizing yet exciting...