Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Asshole, Australian Open, and President Obama


First of all, pardon me for 'the bizarrest' title for an entry so far yet for this blog. As you can probably see, all three are actually not related and i just want to touch every subject as briefly as i can...
I've to admit, after a very exhaustive 2-3 weeks of watching - and writing - about the bad news of Israel-Palestine issue lately, i feel kinda relieved to write about something else in this blog. Not that the Middle-east issues are far gone by now - because they never will - it just feels so good to write about normal stuff again.

Ok, first, the asshole thing...

Last night, i got an SMS from my good friend, Din a.k.a iceman telling me, "You better pick up or call back... or this is the last time you hear from me again!". And when i looked up, i realized i have about 3 missed calls from him...

So i called him back straight away, and after the normal greetings were over, one of the earliest word i heard from him was "Asshole!". Whoa! Never in my life had anybody called me that, and of course naturally it made me mad!
But about 15 seconds after that, i realized... ouch, maybe i deserved that! Turned out, Din just read this blog and he found out that i was getting engaged almost three weeks ago and it really hurt him that i didn't tell him about it.

I tried to downplay the issue, telling him i actually didn't tell anybody about it, except my bro, Aizzuddin and my housemates. It's no big deal, i said. But he countered back, saying he's not anybody! He's one of my oldest and my best friend! We've known each other for 9 years, for God sake!

And at that, my friends, i felt silent and i completely lost any argument left in me. I realized my mistake and for about 10 minutes after that, i can only listened to him berrating about how unfair and 'cruel' i was. I know he wanted me to feel guilty and i tell you, he's very good at it...!

So, last night i apologized to him couple of times through the phone. But somehow i knew it's not enough. So here, once again, to Din, I am really.. really sorry for being an 'asshole'! You're right. As a friend, i should do better than that. And as a friend, you deserved better than that...

On the bright side, i'm actually lucky he didnt call me 'asshole' in Malay! That will be nightmare, don't you think?

Now on Australian Open...

It has been so long since i last mention about my favourite sport in the whole wide world here, and it's the high time i started mention about it again...
As you may already know, the first Grand Slam in Tennis calendar this year begins with Australian Open which is already under play from yesterday, 19th January until 1st February, next Sunday.

As usual my favourite player is Nadal and as the World No 1 player, the pressure is on him to lift his first Australian Open. The challenge will come from the likes of Federer, Djokovic and Murray and it will be an interesting two weeks to see 'The Big Four' of tennis compete with each other to take the honour of winning the first Grand Slam of 2009.

Lastly on President Obama...

Today is the D-Day for United States of America and may i suggest here, for the world in general...!
Because, this is the day that the President-elect Obama will become President Obama, the 44th US President, replacing the disgraceful and - pardon me for my word here - the shitty, war-lover George H.W. Bush.

While i acknowledge that USA is not in the high list of our favourite country in the world, mostly due to their unexplainable support towards - again, pardon my word here - the shittest country of all, the Israel; we have to admit, what goes on in the US is very vital to the world.

As the most powerful nation in the world - so they called themselves - the president of USA is unarguably the most powerful man in the world. And this man, Barack Hussein Obama is about to become one today...!

I've followed almost every step of this man, rising towards the position he is now, and i can tell you - at least up until now - if there's even a glimmer of hope to see some improvement to Middle East issues, this man may be able to do it. He's fresh, honest, and so far still rational with his policy on America's foreign affairs, which is very important to the rest of the world...

Well, i know, it's too early to tell whether this man is really the Agent of Change and Hope he promised to be. So, together with the rest of the world, i'll wait rather hopefully for this man to make history and to do some good for the rest of the world. I tell you, even if he's only half as good as what he promised to be, we will witness some good changes on the way USA handled the Middle East crisis...

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Sunday, January 18, 2009



After 22 days and more than 1150 Palestinians lives later, finally Israel agreed to a unilateral cease-fire against Gazans and Hamas.

Sadly however, the Zionist will stay in the Palestinian territories, amidst warning from Hamas to keep fighting until they leave.

I would love to stay optimist and think that at least no more Palestinians will die from the Zionist offensive actions.

But... this is Israel we're talking about!! They are the most despicable human being that lived on earth. They are bloodsucker and children-killer! Which is only a few from a long list of crime they already committed!

This is the time the Arabs and Muslims all around the world to unite and do something before this very fragile truce between Israel and Hamas will be under threat, and the Zionist starts killing again...!!! NOW is the time!

World leaders, Arab leaders, Malaysian leaders, and each one of us, individually; we have to keep the awareness of this issue at full height at all time!

It is the high time we do not repeat our past mistake and our 'hangat-hangat tahi ayam' attitude!

Right now, the sentiment of support-Palestine and hate-Israel, is so high. If we really want to achieve something, there's no better time for it!!
Don't wait until a week or two weeks later... (Just look at the landslide issues last month, hmmm...) Melayu mudah lupa!

That's why, in this opportunity, i want to urge and beg everyone to keep talking about our Palestinian brothers and sisters...

To all bloggers, please dedicate an entry or two to comment and have a say about this issue! Please, my friends!! Any words and discussions will do. InsyaALLAH, The Almighty will accept that small effort as ibadah...

And please.. please.. make a strong statement against the violence of Israel. Please remind people of what had happened, what is happening, and what will undoubtly happen again!

Keep this issue fresh in the mind of our people. In some way, do what the Israeli did with their children! - that the Palestinians/Muslims are no more than animal, and it is halal to kill them!!!

Also, please.. please proceed with Israel/US-boycott campaign! We do not want to contribute in however slightest in their campaign against Muslims and Palestinians, don't we?!! If that means sacrificing our favourite food or product, so be it! Seriously, it's nothing compared to the agony of the Muslims over there...!

And lastly, please continue to pray for the long-waited of Palestine glory and the annihilation of Israel. This last two weeks, we can listen to Qunut Nazilah everywhere. In the mosques. At home. But just like other things, soon it will fade out... until the next war begins...........

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

O Palestine...


As i write this entry, the latest count of dead body in Palestine has increased to more than 850... and still counting...
And still, there's no sign - nothing at all - that the demonic Zionist will recede or withdraw from Gaza. Instead, they bulk up their army with significant - and very worrying - numbers by day as they increased their air and ground assault towards Hamas and the civilians of Palestine!

Israel Laknatullah will have their large chunk of punishment from ALLAH The Almighty for what they did - and still do - to the Palestinians and to Islam generally. They are the symbols of Satan in this modern world and no word in any language can describe the magnitude of their evildoing.

Curse Israel!!!!!

Curse Zionist!!!!!

Curse their Allies!!!!!

Curse them for what they did to the children, women, and civilians of Palestine!!!!!

AND Curse the Egyptian Government a.k.a the inexplicably rotten Hosni Mubar
ak for not allowing all the helps from all over the world to enter Gaza to help those people!!!!!

ALLAH The Merciful will make them pay for what they did!!!

O My Muslim Friends!!! In the wake of this sad and grieving situation that befallen our brothers and sisters in the Middle East; let us strengthen the resolve of our hatred to Israel and her allies!


Harden our heart towards them as they harden their actions towards the Palestinians!

Sharpen our tongues and criticism toward
s them as they sharpen their weapon for the Palestinians!

Toughen our standing and resolutions towards them as they toughen their doings on the Palestinians!

And Tighten our wallets towards their products and economic prowess as they tighten their grips on the land of Palestine and their claws on the throat of the Palestinians!

Please my friends! Whether we realize it or not, we're in this together. No one is excused! The one who excused him/herself is the one Rasulullah said:

"None of you will have faith till he wishes for his (Muslim) brother what he likes for himself." - Sahih Bukhari.

(Taken from amirmukhtar blog. thanks Mir!)

Let's pray for them...

They need our prayer...

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Let's Boycott!!!


As i write this entry, the death toll of our Palestinian brothers and sisters has increased to more than 650 and counting...
As all the world leaders trying to show that they care (as if they really care!!) about the humanity crisis that is gripping Palestine, nothing seems to be able to halt the movement of Israel regime, which in its tenth days today... and still has no sign whatsoever to stop anytime soon!
Oh, have they no heart?!! Killing all those women and children like mad animals?!! Destroying hospitals and civilian houses like uncivilized heartless being?!! No, i bet they don't! Not after what they have done since thousands years ago until now!
And what the Muslim world do? Stare... maybe feel sorry a little bit and then.. nothing!

Hmm, wrong! We can still do something. However little and insignificant it seems. Let's boycott Israeli and Israeli-related US Companies! Come on my friends! This is the least we can do to help, not to mention the sad truth that it's the only thing we are able to do actually.

Below, i listed down some of the companies. i got the list from PPIM website. Go and have a look if you have time.
  • McDonald
  • Coke Cola
  • Danone
  • Starbucks
  • Maggie
  • Nestle
  • L'Oreal
  • Rexona
  • Kit Kat
  • Sprite
  • Sunkist
  • Intel
  • IBM
  • Gap
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Kleenex
  • Kotex
  • Maybelline
Let's pray to Allah to give strength to the Palestinian to face this battle with Israel Laknatullah...

Please my friends, let's do this! We owe this to our Muslim brothers and sisters out there...

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Thursday, January 1, 2009

'Happy' New Year 2009?


Last night is the new year's eve and i was one of the thousands of people 'gathered' at The Curve, Mutiara Damansara to 'celebrate' the New Year. Oh, how i wish i wasn't there...!

A meeting with an old friend of mine - Zid from Sabah - turned to half-nigh
tmare... Yeah that was what's in my mind at the time.
After dinner at Dome about 11 pm, the three of us - with Nasri - were then stuck in a sea of people on the street of The Curve. And to be honest, i was sort of claustrophobic last night as we wriggled, squirmed and fidgeted our way out from the thousands of screaming fans as one Chinese singer - i don't know who the hell is the guy! - sang on the stage.

Lucky, no bad incident happened although several push-pull situations occurred, and after about 45 minutes, we safely escaped from the crowd. 45 minutes... for just about 50 meters walking distance! Even in the dark, our faces were flushed and sweaty as we stared at each other while shaking our heads several times. Huu, that was really.. really something, we said to ourselves.

Although we ended up watching the sky for the amazing 'fireworks show' - which can actually be seen from my house not far from there - i know for sure, i don't
want to be there next year or the years after...

The next time i wish to experience such things, may it be at the appropriate place and time
As i said to Nasri soon after our 'great escape', "macam buat umrah, sesaknya!"

Here i attach some pics i snapped in the rush of everything that was ha
ppened. They are a bit blurry, as did my mind and my conscience last night...


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