Sunday, May 17, 2009

Nasi Ganja dan Silaturrahim

By Mullah

Assalamualaikum and Good Morning. So long that I haven't update this blog until I discussed with my bro, Aidan, to make a 'comeback' here. After almost 3 months hiatus, I prefer to write about 'Nasi Ganja' and 'Silaturrahim'. 'Nasi Ganja' is not a 'drug rice'. Hahahahahaha. But, it refers to 'Nasi Kandar' and in this entry, I would like to suggest YOU to try Nasi Kandar at Restoran Venggey Sdn Bhd.

Last Wednesday, my boss and I went to Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH), Ipoh to submit some documents to the DOSH officials related to our yard. After a brief discussion, we went to Restoran Venggey to try the 'Nasi Ganja' there for lunch. At first, I thought 'What is Nasi Ganja??'. After I went inside the restaurant, then I realised that this is the most popular Nasi Kandar Restaurant in Ipoh. Hhmm..... So I tried Nasi Kandar plus Ayam Kurma, vegetables and telur masin, and not to forget, a glass of Milo Ais to quench my thirst.Hhhmmm.... The taste is so delicious after a few 'suap' and I noticed that Nasi Kandar here is different compared to others because they add puddina paste to the rice. Hhmm...... So good and delicious
So how about 'Silaturrahim'. 'Silaturrahim' is the short name for Restoran Silaturrahim at Teluk Murroh, Larut. This restaurant, my friends, is famous for its a lot of 'lauk-pauk', plus 'ulam' and drinks such as Sunquick Mango and Pegaga Ais. Hahaahahaha..... I know that you, readers, are HUNGRY for details about this restaurant. Restoran Silaturrahim opens everyday except Friday and I just went to this restaurant yesterday, 16052009, with my housemate. I tried Nasi Puteh + Kari Ikan + 2 vegetables + telur masin + tembikai and Sunquick Mango. After the first 'suap', I told to my housemate, that THIS is SEDAP (DELICIOUS) and the price is REASONABLE LOW. For my plate, they charged me just RM 7.00 and I didn't mind about the price UNLESS it comes with GOOD QUALITY..... Hhmm..... So gang, what are you waiting for?? Let's go to try some Nasi Ganja............................. Hehehehehehe

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