Monday, January 18, 2010

Inside her mind (18th January 2010)


Last night, my wife and I had a dinner at one restaurant in Malacca. We sat in the foyer, where there was Astro Supersport showing past matches of 2009 Australian Open Grand Slam (The 2010 Open starts today).

As has been my habit since i started playing tennis couples of years ago, everytime there's tennis matches on tv, i will be like... transfixed to the screen!
And certainly not helping my case last night, the matches featured two very attractive (and of course, sexy) female players!

So, i was between chewing my food and admiring the play (not the players!) when i realized my wife was staring at me with narrowed eyes.

"Honey..." I called. "Wh..what's wrong?"
She didn't answer. But couple of seconds later, she smiled a smile that i've come to know that there was something bothering her and she didn't want to tell me.

But i quickly put two and two together and realized immediately what was exactly inside her mind at the time. She was bothered that i was watching other women (no matter who or what they do) and that was when i was right beside her!

Well, being a charming husband that i am, hehe, i quickly apologize to her and for the rest of the meal, tried very hard to avert my eyes from the screen.

Later, when we were holding hands, heading to our car, i asked her playfully,
"Err honey, about what just happened, you still trust me... right?" To what she replied,
"Hmm, after what happened? Not really..." while pouting her lips.
"What?!" I exclaimed, faking a hurtful voice and look, which made her laugh, but still shaking her head.

For those who are observant enough -in human behavior (women's in particular)- would know that although my wife was laughing while she said that, she was actually kinda meant it! Of course she will deny it if you asked her about it point blank. But make no mistake, deep down in her heart, she actually had this very tiny doubt lingering about 'what if questions' and whether she can trust me completely!

And so, what did i do?
I put my arm around her shoulder warmly, but tighter than usual as to emphasize what i wanted to say to her and said,
"You know i will never do anything to hurt you, right? Believe me, honey. I will never cheat on you, not even in my mind! InsyaAllah!!!"
Later, i thought that was a very BIG promise, but still it's something that i think i can hold up to it.

Oh, and her respond to what i said?
For a while she looked stunned. Then, slowly, she nodded her head and said softly,
"I trust you, abang..."
After that we continued walking, as if nothing ever happened. Of course i can't really know what's inside my wife's mind. But as far as i can tell, i've covered everything that i should be covering and she fully accepted it.

I always tell my friends, that the key to a healthy relationship is understanding. And to understand other person, just picture yourself in his/her position, or as people said put yourself in his/her shoes, and BAM... InsyaAllah, you will get a glimpse of what's inside their mind!
And believe me, one glimpse is waaaaay better than nothing at all...


amirmukhtar said...

what's this? a marriage counselor blog? (ayat jeles) hehe

Aiman said...

after sometime, both sides need to make some sort of adjustments (beralah)..out of love...its not easy to only give while not receiving or vice versa...u will learn to be more forgiving and accepting compared to sulking and condemning...heheheh
enjoy the early stages of marriage...n never say never

オテモヤン said...
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Quiyah & Hasrul said...

hmm.. well said..

sairul said...

hahahaha...who was the tennis player?
sharapova?...hmmm...ivanovic?....hmmm or serena hahahahaha yummy...hehehehe....

to abg zahar's wife: dont worry, he is just a tennis hardcore fan...just like me......we watched the women players, but not to their legs, but to the play....believe me....abg zahar...baek punye cover....